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We’ve built you a hub to connect you with the community. Browse the links above to get fast access to weather, the cove’s HOA, and so much more! Best of all, no ads! We optimized our site to run on mobile devices so it’ll be you’re go-to when out and about in Ellenton and beyond.

Our weather page offers up-to-date and ad-free information on community weather conditions that go above and beyond what many sites report. See a weekly forecast or adjust the interactive map’s layer options to see clouds, rain, or air temperature. You can also use the links to local weather stations included to see what your bay area meteorologists are saying.

Colony Cove is a lively community in the heart of Ellenton, Florida. the community around this amazing park offers so much to its residents that it can become hard to keep track of. You can use our hub to see everything that matters, from real-time weather to HOA news. We’re also building a guide to local food and attractions, so if you have any input give us a call! We want to do our best to make colony cove the greatest mobile home community in Florida.

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