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Colony Cove sales by Integrity is your primary launching-off point to land yourself down in the Florida fun. We offer complete services to both buyers and sellers in ‘n around Colony Cove and the greater Bradenton & Sarasota area. Come learn what this mecca of a park has to offer and why you’re missing out by not being here!

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Colony Cove – Resort Life

Colony Cove is a resort lifestyle community in Ellenton, Florida, right across the Manatee River from Bradenton. With almost year-round warmth this park is ideal for both happiness and health – easily accommodating an active lifestyle. In this park you will have unrestricted access to cool breezes coming off the Gulf of Mexico and breathtaking sunset views over the water every evening. WP

We stand by our word when it comes to the cove; after all, many people with our company live here! If the best in the business call this specific park home more than any other mobile home community on the Gulf Coast, then why not make an appointment to see what the buzz is about?

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The Integrity Advantage at your Disposal

Integrity Mobile Home Sales is the leader in mobile home sales in the Tampa-Sarasota area. We’ve spent years putting you first because we understand the value of a good customer relationship. Most people that buy with us go on to sell with us when it’s time to move on. Mobile homes afford you a life like no other, the robust market offers you the chance to move every year or hold onto a home and let it appreciate. No matter your strategy, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Integrity for Buyers

Integrity goes the extra step and works with buyers just as personally and strategically as with sellers. You tell us everything you want, from the simplest things to most niche needs, and we will find you your future home. Our agents are on-call and can get you into a home with relatively short notice compared to the competition, saving you time. If you need someone to check out a far-away home we will work with you, our network of agents can travel to get you the insider info you need to buy confidently.

We named our company Integrity for a reason; we won’t lie, cheat, or steal our way into a sale. This is because we know that our growth and good fortune is because of you – our happy customers. Integrity agents will work with your needs and get you in a good home, no matter how hard of a task it is.

Integrity for Sellers

Selling a your home is not a challenge with Integrity. We work with sellers to get the best market value from their home in a timeframe that works for them. We guide you through the complexities of selling a home and take care of the mundane aspects in-house. What would be an immense bureaucratic process can be made into an expedient, simple task with Integrity at your side.

You may ask yourself “what do these guys really do for a seller?” Well, in short, everything we can! When you decide to sell with Integrity we will set you up with an experienced agent who will begin an in-depth appraisal at no cost to you. The consultation will go over every little detail, but will focus on those that are most important to the mobile home market. After the appraisal, the agent will manage getting listings up on our core website as well as the central real estate database, the MLS, to get your home up on all the big real estate sites. These listings will have the agent’s contact info, not yours, so your information stays safe. Agents will handle showings too, so you’re never by yourself dealing with strangers.

Integrity for You

Integrity agents are social butterflies, we love to run open houses and community engagement events to get word out into the community. You might think that all potential buyers come from far-off lands, but many potential buyers are your neighbors. Maybe they’re looking to down or up-size. Maybe they’ve been wanting to upgrade to a newer model, or get into one with classic vibes. What about those far-off potential buyers? Our sites have verified online hits from around the world. We regularly get calls from people from all over, as far as California, New York, Canada, or Hawaii.

Our in-house home media team produces expert-quality virtual tours of homes and communities. We use this media to lure potential buyers and make them feel like they’re in sunny Florida, even if they’re in frigid Alaska. Check out some of our work at our YouTube link below!

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This site was created and is managed by Integrity Mobile Home Sales, an Ellenton, FL based mobile home broker. We are not the HOA of Colony Cove nor are we officially affiliated with the park, we’re just locals excited about the area! For any official park-related matters go here.

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